Laserklasse Organisatie Nederland

The Dutch Laser class association is an association where young sailors join at an age of 12/13 but hang on to membership for a long time, once infected by the Laser virus. The eldest sailing members are about 60 years of age. You will always find a like minded group of sailors to enjoy the day.

On this site there is much Laser information that is relevant for Dutch sailors. In case you plan to visit the Netherlands with your Laser we welcome you to participate in our races.

The race program you find under the button "kalender" at the Laser class of your choice.

By far the majority of site visitors is Dutch or Belgian and translating the site in English we consider not worth while. That is not to say we do not appreciate your visit. In case you want to leave us a message you can always use the email addresses provided or use the bulletin board. Only the most relevant site sections contain text in English.
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